Businesses, non-profits, and other organizations are encouraged to become members of Brattleboro Time Trade.

Membership enables those groups to exchange services with other time trade members. For example, Brattleboro Senior Meals spends time credit hours to receive help from time traders delivering senior meals and they earn time credit hours by offering breakfast or lunch at the Senior Center to time traders.

Organizations are asked to use an email address and phone number for one point person or contact who will facilitate the exchanges. To maintain accountability, individual members of that organization cannot make trades as individuals unless they become a Time Trade member themselves. To become an organizational member, click on the “Join” tab above. The more alliances we develop, the stronger our community becomes! Our organizational members have more information on their websites. Just click on a link below. Brattleboro Time Trade members can also log in, view their Time Trade profile pages, and exchange services with them.

Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center logo_bonnyvale100
Brattleboro Museum and Art Center bmac_sm BTT members can pay for admission in hour credits and earn hours doing greeting, setup, and security.
Brattleboro Senior Meals BrattleboroSeniorMeals100 BTT members can have breakfast or lunch for hour credits and earn hours delivering meals.
Community Asylum Seekers Project Requests volunteer help with English language practice, household goods, rides, moving help and other support services.
Edible Brattleboro Offers workshops and free garden produce during the summer.  Requests gardening help and trucking of compost & other materials.
Delta Vermont Offers BTT office space. Requests office maintenance, gardening help, membership and wellness services for Omega employees.
Landmark College Leap Entrepreneurship Offers a group of students to work on agreed upon projects. Requests include homemade baked goods.
New England Circus Arts Requests volunteer help with community gardens and airport pickups.
Putney Food Shelf
The Stone Church Stone Church Needs graphic design help and hanging posters about events in Brattleboro, Putney, Bellows Falls, Greenfield, Keene, Amherst, Northampton and other surrounding towns.
The Root Social Justice Center Offers community space and seeks BTT members to do childcare and office cleaning.
Vermont Independent Media – The Commons TheCommons150 Provides advertising space for BTT. Seeks people to help deliver the Commons in downtown Brattleboro.