brattleboro time trade


Our Mission

Brattleboro Time Trade provides a forum to facilitate the exchange of goods and services for the benefit of the community.  It creates a system that connects unmet needs with untapped resources. By promoting the skills and knowledge of each member and enabling reciprocity, the organization empowers each of us to share our wealth of experience with others, thereby enriching the local economy.

Brattleboro Time Trade enables the exchange of time credits, a type of community currency that anyone can earn by using their time, resources, skills or energy to help others. Each hour of service provided to another Time Trade member earns one time credit. You can spend your time credits on  services provided by any of the other members of the Time Trade. Our policy on hours and dollars is here.

Brattleboro Time Trade is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our bylaws are here. Our board meeting minutes are here.


We share the Core Values of Time Banks throughout the world:


1. Assets

We all have ways to contribute to a healthy community, even when we may not feel we have marketable skills. By recognizing that each of us has valuable assets to offer we are able to address some of today’s unmet needs by using the untapped resources available in our own communities.

2. Redefining Work

Honor real work that is beyond price. Long before there was an economy based on paper money, folks worked gathering and preparing food, making shelter, keeping each other safe and healthy. This is real work that has real value that can’t and needn’t be measured in dollars.

3. Reciprocity

Helping works better as a two-way street. People that only receive end up feeling dis-empowered, as though they have nothing to offer. People that only give often gain an inflated sense of their own importance. Reciprocity leads to mutual respect.

4. Community

Networks and community make individuals stronger. Research shows people with social support networks have a greater overall sense of well being which correlates with enhanced health. Strong communities are able to adapt to challenging times.

5. Respect

Respect for all means accountability for and to all. When we have respect for another we have greater motivation to act in a respectable manner in all our exchanges.

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