Board of Directors

 Robbie Paley Robbie Paley, Secretary
By profession Robbie is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist. She has a private practice here in town and also works at the Brattleboro Retreat.  She joined the BTT board of directors because she believes in the mission of Time Trade and loves how it builds community. She loves how it makes services available to people who might otherwise have to do without. She loves how people can find useful outlets for their skills, their creativity, their kindness and their desire to serve others.
Donna Faith K-Brooks Donna Faith K-Brooks:  Membership
Donna joined BTT as a pilot member in 2009. She is a long term office staffer, and also serves on the Future Now and the Potluck Committees.  She is the owner of The Unskoolbookshop, an online bookstore rooted in her years of homeschooling her son.  Having experienced the exhilaration, friendship, and usefulness, as well as the challenges in our community, Donna looks forward to helping to improve our trading experiences.
Denise Glover Denise Glover
Denise joined BTT soon after arriving in Vermont (2017) and soon after that made a greater commitment by joining the Board. She’s a firm believer in the time-trading concept: the opportunity for members to pool their collective talents and services. Her particular interests lie in art and the outdoors. She’s been a woodcarver and tattoo artist; now she works for, a platform for artists to market their work online. She’s a member of Edible Brattleboro and Brattleboro’s Tree Advisory Board, tracking the condition of the town’s trees and supporting new plantings. On her own time, she enjoys hiking, meditation, and vegan cooking.


alanbarn150 Alan Baker, IT Coordinator
Alan was an Air Force pilot for 5 years, a business manager for 7 years, and an information technology team leader at IBM for 28 years. Retirement is his giveback time. He has degrees in business administration and computer science. He spends the warm months in Vermont and the cool months in California. He created Windham County’s first Little Free Library. He also serves on Time Banks USA’s advisory team. In 2015 he received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for assisting non-profit organizations and Game of Logging level 2 certification. Alan is an AARP Fraud Watch Network volunteer and maintains websites for several other nonprofit organizations. He joined BTT in 2011 and has been our IT coordinator since 2012.